Travis Ewing The Voice Audition Video: Singer Recreates “Say My Name” – WATCH

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Travis Ewing The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

Travis Ewing The Voice


Travis Ewing wowed on “The Voice” with a new arrangement of “Say My Name.” The Louisiana native took the Destiny’s Child R&B hit and created his own bluesy version, leading to a battle between three coaches. Watch below!

Ewing explained that he likes to create his own music by playing various instruments himself and looping them. He’s already has some small success, performing in front of 350 people and winning musician of the year for “Raw Artists” in New Orleans.” But with his “Voice” audition, the singer was looking to see whether music would finally be “a career or something I do on the side.”

Christina Aguilera pushed her button after just a few lines of the recognizable “Say My Name” lyrics, apparently impressed by the new interpretation. It took Blake Shelton a bit longer to turn around, and later Pharrell joined as well. Aguilera, who was a top sensation around the same time as Destiny’s Child, praised Ewing for changing the composition. “That’s really cool. I was very into that,” she told him. “Music should inspire and make people wanna think outside the box, and I think that’s who you are as an artist. Let’s do it!”

Shelton admitted he felt “a little bit out of my league,” but pointed to his past efforts at working with “artists who are artistically nothing like me.” He vowed he wouldn’t try to change Ewing, but help his music “be the best that it can be.” Pharrell went on to tell Ewing he was “so in the pocket,” and that the only reason he pushed his button last was because he so focused on listening.

“I am 100 percent a fan,” he went on, further noting, “One thing I’m relentless about is mixing things up,” both on the show and in his career as a producer. Pharrell added, “Should you heart point you in this direction, I’m your guy.” And it was that that sealed the deal for Ewing, and made him choose Pharrell as a coach. Check out the full audition video below!


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