Tracy Morgan On Sex: ‘I Don’t Use Rubbers’ Or ‘Pull Out’

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Tracy Morgan Wife Sex Life

By Andrew Shuster |

Tracy Morgan Wife Sex Life


Tracy Morgan opened up about his sex life with wife Megan Wollover in a candid new interview. The comedian even noted that as soon as the interview was over, he planned to “get her pregnant.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Morgan married his long-time girlfriend this past August after he had sufficiently recovered from the injuries sustained during his horrific car accident in early 2014. During a conversation with GQ to discuss his career comeback, Morgan fawned over his wife. “I’ve got a dime. Oh yeah, she’s a dime, my wife is gorgeous,” he said of Wollover. “A million women in the world can’t [compete] with that.”

The former “Saturday Night Live” star went on to say, “I’ve got a fetish for my wife. When I leave here, I’ll go on and get her pregnant… I’m old-school. I don’t use no rubbers, and I don’t pull out.” As a result of his unprotected bedroom romps, Morgan added, “Now my daughter’s here. Life is good, God is great. Can’t turn that funny off, it is what it is.”

Morgan and Wollover have a 2-year-old daughter named Maven, and if his new interview is any indication, the comedian might just have another baby on the way. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Morgan’s bedroom revelations.


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