Tracy Morgan Jokes About Following Donald Trump’s Example On “Late Show”

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Tracy Morgan Donald Trump Late Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Tracy Morgan Donald Trump Late Show Video


Tracy Morgan amusingly joked on Friday’s “Late Show” about following Donald Trump‘s example. Check out the video below.

Morgan was on the late-night show to promote his new Netflix special, “Staying Alive.” But out of nowhere during the interview, he suddenly declared to Stephen Colbert, “I heard you got beef with Trump!” Cracked the host, “Who doesn’t?” Of course, they were referring to Trump slamming Colbert as “filthy” in response to his controversial “c*ck holster joke.”

Morgan now told Colbert, “But he’s the president! He’s the president, and I’m going to follow his example. That’s why I’m going to file for bankruptcy, I’m not going to pay my taxes, and I’m going to grab women by the crotch because I got to do my part to make America great again!”

Quipped Colbert, “Beautiful message. That’s a beautiful message.” Morgan then did another bit, pulling out his cell phone as if he got a call. “Hey, what’s up, Obama?” the comedian said. “Yeah, I put the wiretaps where you told me to put ’em! Well, stop yelling at me, Mr. former president!” After hanging up, Morgan joked that he and Obama “went to high school together.”

During his appearance, Morgan also spoke about his near-death accident, as well as his wife, exclaiming, “I’m gonna get her pregnant tonight!” There was also a funny moment when he and Colbert discussed auditioning for “SNL” at the same time. It only worked out for one of them. Watch below!

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