Tracy Morgan Reprises Astronaut Jones For “The Martian” Parody On ‘SNL’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Tracy Morgan Astronaut Jones Demi Lovato

By Michael Lewittes |

Tracy Morgan Astronaut Jones Demi Lovato


Tracy Morgan reprised his character Astronaut Jones for a parody of The Martian during his hosting of “SNL.” Musical guest Demi Lovato was also in the sketch as a female martian named “Martiana.” Check out the video below.

The sketch began at NASA, where it was announced, “One of our men was lost” on Mars. It’s then revealed the spaceman left behind on the planet was none other than Astronaut Jones. And with that began the opening montage for the recurring sketch Morgan used to do when he was on “SNL” as a cast member.

It featured Morgan in a spacesuit, playing guitar and singing, “Rocket, I’m taking a rocket. I’m packing my suitcase, and look out moon. Yeah, a rocket, into outer space. Goodbye human race, I’ll be there soon.” Blast off! For fun and adventure, yes, I said adventure, collecting stones!” The song continued, “Yeah, it’s my way or the old space highway. That’s why they all say, ‘There goes Astronaut Jones!'”

After the song, Morgan said, “I’m alone on the planet mars,” but right then Lovato came into frame and said, “My name is Martiana.” She told the astronaut, who was left behind on Mars, “We are willing to help you… Give you food and water.” Lovato added that she would like him to broker peace and “help us make contact with earthlings and understand their strange ways,” but he just talked gibberish over her until he said, “Take your butt out of that spacesuit, and let me see your clap.”

Earlier on “SNL,” Morgan brought back his Brian Fellows character. As Gossip Cop reported, this was the second time Morgan was the host of the sketch comedy show since leaving in 2003, and the first time since he was involved in a serious accident in June 2014.

Check out the video of Morgan reprising his Astronaut Jones character on “Saturday Night Live,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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