Tracee Ellis Ross: I Lost My Golden Globe Award – Watch “Ellen DeGeneres” Interview

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Tracee Ellis Ross Ellen DeGeneres Show Golden Globe

By Holly Nicol |

Tracee Ellis Ross appears on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she confesses to losing her first Golden Globe. Watch the video below!

During her interview on the show, the actress reveals how she hilariously misplaced her first ever Golden Globe award, which she won for her work on the hit ABC series, “Black-ish.” “I won that Golden Globe, and then I wanted to change my dress for the after-parties, and I lost that Golden Globe,” admits Ross.

Explaining what happened before she lost the award, Ross says, “I decided to change my dress, and I went into the bathroom in the ballroom, and I couldn’t get in and out of the dress by myself,” she note. “My friend took me out of the dress. We went into the handicap stall because it had enough room for two of us, laid the dress on the floor, standing there in a G-string and pasties with no service on my phone. She ran out to go get my stylist, I stood there for 20 minutes naked in the bathroom.”

Once Ross had changed her outfit and left the bathroom, she soon realized she had left something rather important behind. “I was rushing… I left it,” recalls the actress. “You know that feeling when you go to the airport, and you’re like, ‘Oh God, I forgot something. Please say it’s not my license.’ Then I realized I had left the Golden Globe. I went back in. It had been given to security, and they couldn’t find it. It was so dramatic.”

Luckily, though, she later received her misplaced Golden Globe. “It did get returned. I was sweating profusely, but I do have it. I was a winner who had lost,” she jokes. Watch Ross’s full interview below in which she also talks about being on the cover of Good Housekeeping and reminisces about her first shoot with her mom, Diana Ross.

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