Tori Spelling Slammed For “Creepy” Photo With Stepson Jack McDermott – SEE PIC

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Tori Spelling Stepson Creepy Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Tori Spelling Stepson Creepy Photo


Tori Spelling is getting slammed for sharing a so-called “creepy” photo with her stepson Jack, the teenage son of her husband Dean McDermott and his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace. See right and below.

On Thursday night, Spelling posted the picture in question, which shows her leaning into Jack as he kisses the back of her head while she has her hand on his neck. “Me and my amazing stepson @montypowerglory aka Jack McDermott. I LOVE this man!! #LuckyWoman #StepMamasRule,” Spelling captioned the snapshot.

Almost immediately followers deemed the picture inappropriate. A user named katnegron wrote, “My step son and I don’t pose for pictures like that. Very odd.” Fellow follower radtxtam, however, responded, “Katnegron, give her a freaking break! It’s not odd it’s love.”

kateraski exclaimed,”Ewwwwww……this makes me uncomfortable. Not a good move & you should know better!!!!!” Noted shanybarrett, “It is innocent however very awkward looking….” phillieeagle pointed out, “This photo is making people uncomfortable because it’s a weird, sexy angle.”

“I have a stepson the same age and would NEVER!!! That’s creepy disgusting. Her facial expression is very inappropriate,” said kfl.88. xtine_81 commented, “I feel awkward looking at this and looks like I’m not the only one. Yikes. Just doesn’t work.” One person even remarked that Jack looked like Spelling’s “lover.”

But lesenfantsvontbien argued, “I don’t think it’s weird at all. They are just doing silly. And how wonderful that they have such a good relationship. In many cases, relationships are not always evident between stepmother and stepson.” And aishalada went as far as saying, “I never comment on anything like this, but I felt inclined to say that those who think this is creepy are actually the only creeps involved here.”

Spelling hasn’t responded to the backlash. For his part, Jack posted the same photo on his own Instagram page, writing, “Dinner with my fav,” and including a double-heart emoji. See the full picture below.

Tori Spelling Stepson Jack Instagram Photo



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