Tori Spelling Body-Shamed By RadarOnline For Gaining Weight

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Tori Spelling Body Shamed RadarOnline

By Shari Weiss |

Tori Spelling Body Shamed RadarOnline

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Tori Spelling is the victim of body-shaming by RadarOnline, which is calling out the star for gaining weight after years of calling her too skinny.

A headline from the webloid blares, “Is Tori OK? Spelling Gains 35 Pounds Amid Medical Crisis, Experts Say.” Let’s not pretend RadarOnline cares at all about whether the actress is okay. It just wanted people to click through its gallery of “shocking new photos.”

The first slide states, “Struggling reality star Tori Spelling has a lot on her plate — literally. The 43-year-old mother of four and wife of Dean McDermott appeared on ‘Extra’ yesterday, looking the heaviest she’s ever been. spoke exclusively to three nutritionists and trainers who revealed how much weight Spelling has gained in recent months.”

Mind you, these “three nutritionists and trainers” have never personally worked with Spelling or even met her. They are evaluating her health based on pictures taken by paparazzi. There’s comments about how much the star probably weighs, remarks about her facial structure changing, and even speculation that she’s “become an emotional eater and has been using food to escape her stress and pain of all her public issues.”

And discussing it all on the Internet would help Spelling deal with those “public issues” how? And this story of fake concern about weigh gain comes despite the site’s history of also body-shaming the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star for being thin. Gossip Cop found stories from RadarOnline dated as far back as 2010 that call out Spelling for being “scary skinny” (see below).

She can’t win, but she shouldn’t have to. Spelling’s looks aren’t a game. And body-shaming a celebrity for any reason, but especially to score web clicks, is reprehensible. See the disgusting old and new headlines below.

Tori Spelling Skinny RadarOnline


Tori Spelling Weight Gain RadarOnline



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