Tony Stewart Sued For Wrongful Death By Parents Of NASCAR Driver Kevin Ward, Jr.

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Tony Stewart Sued Kevin Ward Death

By Andrew Shuster |

Tony Stewart Sued Kevin Ward Death

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Tony Stewart is being sued by the parents of the late Kevin Ward, Jr., the 20-year-old NASCAR driver who Stewart struck and killed during a race in August 2014. Kevin and Pamela Ward filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Friday, claiming that Stewart drove recklessly and their son’s death could have been avoided. Video of the incident is below.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time of the event, Stewart hit and killed Ward with his car during a race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in Ontario County, New York. During the sprint car race, Stewart’s car wedged and spun Ward’s vehicle up against an outside wall. Ward then emerged from his vehicle unscathed, but proceeded to walk down the track, pointing and screaming at Stewart. Then, as Stewart sped around the track again, he struck Ward, who was thrown 25 feet and laid motionless on the speedway. He was pronounced dead shortly after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

Although Stewart was cleared of any criminal charges, Ward’s parent allege that with his “extreme skill and control over his car,” the NASCAR champ could have avoided hitting their son. The parents go on to claim that Stewart chose to “terrorize” Ward on the track, stemming from an ongoing feud between the competing racers. Authorities later said Ward was high on marijuana during the race, but his parents still feel Stewart’s fully responsible for the death of their son, and plan to take the case to trial.

Video of Tony Stewart fatally hitting Kevin Ward, Jr. is below. Warning: It is extremely graphic. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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