Tony Robinson, Unarmed Black Teen, Shot Dead By Police In Madison: Protests Begin

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Tony Robinson

By Daniel Gates |

Tony Robinson


Tony Robinson, a 19-year old black man reported to have been unarmed, was shot dead by police in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday. The incident occurred after an unidentified cop responded to reports of a man jumping in and out of traffic. The city’s police chief said at a press conference that “the same subject had been responsible for an [earlier] battery.” Protesters have gathered at the scene, with the incident primed to be the latest focal point of a tense national dialogue about police and race.

The police officer followed Robinson to a residence, where Robinson allegedly attacked the cop, who fatally shot him. The cop attempted to revive Robinson with CPR. Robinson was taken to a hospital, where he died of his injuries. It should be noted that Madison police have not yet formally identified Robinson as the shooting victim, but a family spokesperson has. The family says police have not let them see the body yet.

It is also important to note that it is NOT yet clear what exactly transpired on Friday, either during the initial reported battery or during Robinson’s confrontation with the police officer. But given the months of tension and outrage following high-profile incidents of unarmed black men being killed by police — including Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner’s choking in New York — the Robinson case is sure to attract a lot of attention and scrutiny. Local officials are calling for calm.

“In light of so much things that have happened not just across this country, but in our own community, it was understandable that the reaction seemed from some of our citizens extremely volatile, emotional, and upsetting,” said Police Chief Mike Koval. “We understand that. It is absolutely appropriate under the circumstances.” A family spokesperson described Robinson as a “loving and caring young man” set to pursue a business degree. He expressed the family’s wishes for peaceful protests. Gossip Cop will have updates.


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