Tony “America’s Got Talent” Audition Video: Magician Surprises With Identical Twin Jordan – WATCH!

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Tony Jordan AGT Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Tony Jordan AGT Audition Video


A French magician named Tony surprised on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” auditions when it was revealed he had a twin. Check out the video below!

21-year-old Tony introduced himself as a Frenchman who wanted to “show America my kind of magic.” He admitted his parents hate magic, and would prefer him to be a doctor or a salesman, someone with a “normal job.” Tony told the judges, “I want to prove to you and to my parents I can become a magician.”

He then launched into a magic that involved virtual reality… and a twin brother. When Tony went behind a screen, two of him suddenly popped out. But it was no optical illusion. It was his twin brother Jordan. They then worked together to combine magic and screen work with a pretty good surprise at the end, which Gossip Cop won’t spoil.

Simon Cowell was speechless after, making random noises as he struggled to find words. It was Howie Mandel who ended up speaking first, saying, “It’s because of moments like this that I believe we are experiencing the best season ever.” Mel B told the pair, “You’re like freakily, hilariously, magically brilliant. I absolutely loved it.”

Heidi Klum said, “It was amazing. It was very entertaining. Full of surprises. In 90 seconds you really piled in as much as you possibly could.” And Cowell declared, “For me, this is 100 percent a Vegas act. I really do believe that. A really, really, really special audition.”

After four yesses, Mandel further commented, “Not only great magic, not only great talent, but great entertainment.” Agreed Cowell, “I thought they were amazing.” Watch the videos below!

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