Tony Hawk NOT Dead, Despite Twitter Death Hoax

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Tony Hawk Not Dead

By Shari Weiss |

Tony Hawk Not Dead

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Tony Hawk is NOT dead. But he is, however, the latest victim of a Twitter death hoax.

Late Wednesday and early Thursday, after the very real death of Debbie Reynolds, Hawk’s name trended on Twitter as rumors circulated that he, too, had died. Helping to dupe people was a photo of the skateboarder with a banner announcing “EXCLUSIVE,” much like TMZ does with its stories. Along with the photo, fans were informed, “Tony Hawk Dead At 48: Famous Skateboarder Tony Hawk has been found dead in his house due to an opiate overdose earlier today at 7:54 pm.”

That untrue information was linked to a website with the address “,” which is NOT the real TMZ, but a hoax site. And on Thursday morning, the Twitter account @FOX5LIVE shared the fake news to further confuse people (see screengrab below). But like the faux TMZ site, that feed is actually a parody account, and even says so right in its bio. Thankfully, Hawk is alive and well.

Understandably, though, many are on edge given the high number of celebrity deaths and death hoaxes not just this year, but in recent weeks. As Gossip Cop reported, Britney Spears was the victim of a death hoax on Monday. In that instance, the Twitter accounts for Sony Music Global and Bob Dylan were hacked, with the perpetrators sending out tweets falsely claiming Spears had died. It was all a sick lie. Still, Hollywood is in mourning following the passings of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Reynolds, all of whom died within the last week.

Tony Hawk Death Hoax


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Tony Hawk died after a drug overdose.

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