Tonga Flag Bearer “Today” Show Video: Watch Pita Taufatofua Get Body Oil Rub

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Tonga Flag Bearer Today Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Tonga Flag Bearer Today Show Video


Tonga flag bearer Pita Taufatofua was rubbed down with body oil on Monday’s “Today” show. Watch below!

Taufatofua’s appearance at the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday was one of the most-talked about moments. The athlete, whose specialty is tae kwan do, had the honor of carrying his country’s flag during the Parade of Nations. But he stood out among other such flag bearers for his glistening, chiseled body.

Shirtless and wearing only a skirt, Taufatofua’s buff body, which was covered in oil, dominated the social media conversation about the proceedings. So, what did the “Today” folks do? They tracked down the Olympian, and invited him on the morning program to flaunt his slick body again.

Natalie Morales told Taufatofua , “I hear you’re having a lot of fun and have no problem with the females in the Olympic village.” Hoda Kotb then took a bottle of body oil from Al Roker, and then she and Jenna Bush Hager proceeded to rub his shoulders and chest. All the while, Roker attempted to have a serious discussion about the Olympics.

Of course, it wasn’t the best environment for Taufatofua to talk about his Olympic journey. “You know, there are children watching,” Roker amusingly reminded everyone. Check out the video below!

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