Tommy Lee, Vince Neil Feud Preventing Motley Crue Tour?

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Motley Crue at the premiere of The Dirt.

By Hugh Scott |

Motley Crue at the premiere of The Dirt.

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Tommy Lee and Vince Neil are not preventing Motley Crue from touring again because of a supposed feud, despite a tabloid story. Gossip Cop has investigated the rumor. It’s simply not accurate.

Articles in the National Enquirer and its online sister publication, RadarOnline, are alleging the two legendary rockers are each saying the other one needs to go to rehab, and as a result of the disagreement, a “$150 million tour” isn’t happening. The story claims to have gotten its information from “industry insiders,” who tell the magazine the only thing keeping the band from the tour is that “roly-poly lead singer” Neil needs to lose 40 pounds and “get treatment.”

The tabloid insists Neil was angry at the promoters’ demands that he lose weight and accused drummer Lee of needing rehab more than he did. The alleged insider goes on to say Lee was “furious” and refuses to admit he has a problem with drugs or alcohol. The outlets also assert that Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is “raring to go on the road,” but “he isn’t counting on his bandmates Tommy and Vince to come together soon.”

One thing the tabloid suspiciously doesn’t mention is that the band signed a “cessation of touring agreement” after their farewell tour in 2015. This dictates that the band won’t tour again, as reported by Rolling Stone at the time, and there is no indication they intend to break that agreement. In fact, Sixx – the guy the tabloids claim is “raring” to go – told the same magazine in February, “Sometimes I look out at my friends, like the guys in Aerosmith and Metallica, and I’m like, ‘did we retire too soon? But there will be no one-offs in our future. Maybe we’ll just get together and jam in [guitarist] Mick Mars’ front room.”

The band has reunited in the studio recently, recording new material for the Netflix biopic about Motley Crue, The Dirt, but there was never discussion of a tour. One reason may be Mars’ health concerns. Mars was diagnosed with a chronic arthritic disease when he was a teenager and has often discussed how much of a physical toll touring takes on him. He proudly never let it interfere with previous tours, but at almost 70-years-old, it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to go back on the road.

RadarOnline should probably stop reporting on possible reunion tours, because they don’t get the stories right. Last year, the blog falsely reported Victoria Beckham was considering joining a Spice Girls tour. Despite lots of evidence to the contrary, including a statement from Beckham herself, the website insisted she was “thinking” about joining the rest of her former bandmates on the road. Gossip Cop busted the story by pointing out things the blog willfully ignored, just like we’re now doing with Motley Crue.


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