Tomi Lahren “The View” Video: Donald Trump Is Not Anti-Women

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Tomi Lahren The View

By Shari Weiss |

Tomi Lahren The View


Tomi Lahren faced off with “The View” co-hosts on Friday over her support for Donald Trump. Watch below.

The conservative commentator was invited on to the show for a discussion about her growing success and her passionate defenses of the president. Only 24, she acknowledged that people try to discredit her, but said, “I’m doing something right.” Indeed, she has more than four million social media followers and her videos are viewed an average of five million times each.

Lahren was asked about Trump’s revised travel order getting blocked, and she insisted, “I don’t think it’s unconstitutional… It is under his jurisdiction to be able to do this.” She also argued, “This isn’t a Muslim ban. Unless all the Muslims in the world have been able to pack themselves into six countries, this is not a Muslim ban.”

Joy Behar responded that Saudi Arabia should be included, and Lahren admitted, “I agree with you there, Joy. That’s maybe one of the one points that we can have an agreement on.” She went on to say of Islamic jihadists, “To say that that’s not a problem would completely miss the real threat at hand. We have to name the enemy. That doesn’t mean all Muslims are the enemy.”

Addressing other issues, Lahren said that if Trump is going to be investigated for Russian ties, Obama should be investigated for wiretapping. The co-hosts tried to point out that there’s been no evidence to support the wiretap claims, but the Blaze personality still wanted further investigation. When Behar later brought up the things Trump has said about women and the infamous “Access Hollywood” video, Lahren brought up Hillary Clinton staying with Bill despite his indiscretions.

“This whole Trump is anti-women thing, I don’t buy it. Because if he was so was anti-women, why did he select a woman to run his campaign,” she said, referring to Kellyanne Conway. She even said if Conway worked for Clinton, “The View” panelists would cheer her. All that said, Lahren confirmed she’s pro-choice. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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