Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift Split NOT Over Ego

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Tom Hiddleston Split Taylor Swift

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Hiddleston Split Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston didn’t split because he was trying to “manage” her or because of his ego and feeling superior to the singer, despite a completely facts-challenged article in a British magazine. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these inaccuracies. We’re told much of the story’s details are wrong.

According to Now, the “stark difference [in Hiddleston and Swift’s] backgrounds” became an issue. “Whereas Taylor initially found Tom’s upper-middle-class background a turn-on, it quickly turned toxic,” writes the tabloid. The publication’s so-called “source” claims, “It often felt like Tom had a huge sense of entitlement,” and would “make Taylor’s team aware” of his fancy prep school and elite university education. “He literally screamed at us: ‘I have a double first from Cambridge, I do actually know what I’m talking about.'”

The magazine’s article further alleges Hiddleston was “controlling” and “pushed Taylor to [the] breaking point.” Its supposed “source” contends the actor “mocked” Swift about how “she’d never studied Latin or read books by certain authors.”

But that’s not all. The tabloid recounts a time in Australia when Hiddleston allegedly left Swift “stranded outside his gym as he hadn’t given her the code.” The magazine also asserts, “The cracks started to show after Taylor returned from a trip to New Zealand with Tom where he’s staying while filming Thor: Ragnarok.” And when they returned to Los Angeles, says the outlet’s specious source, “Taylor dropped Tom when it hit her that he’s a control freak. Her team had started calling him The Night Manager — it was a jibe at how he was behaving.”

Virtually the entire article is inaccurate. For starters, there’s hardly a “stark difference” between Hiddleston and Swift’s backgrounds. Before she amassed her own wealth, the singer grew up very comfortably as the daughter of two parents in finance. Additionally, Gossip Cop investigated and the actor never screamed at Swift’s team that he has “a double first” from Cambridge, a reference Americans would not even understand. (Apparently, though, he graduated at the top of his class.) Nor did Hiddleston mock his then girlfriend about having not studied Latin.

Also, the supposed dish about Hiddleston leaving Swift “stranded outside his gym” is impossible because he doesn’t have one in Australia. And even the most casual observer of their past relationship would know that “cracks” didn’t begin “after Taylor returned from a trip to New Zealand with Tom” because the former couple never went there. Finally, as for allegations about Hiddleston trying to “manage” Swift and being overly “controlling,” a reliable source assures Gossip Cop the claims are 100 percent “fiction.”

Of course, Gossip Cop has been correcting Now pretty much since we began in 2009. Back then, we exclusively corrected a story that falsely alleged Swift warned Kristen Stewart to keep her “hands off” the singer’s then-boyfriend Taylor Lautner. The tabloid absurdly claimed “Taylor [Lautner] and Kristen have been photographed constantly at film premieres, and it’s getting on the country singer’s nerves.” Of course, the two co-stars were pictured together because they were promoting their film New Moon. Basically, when it comes to stories involving Swift, you simply can’t spell “wrong” without N-o-w.

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