Tom Hiddleston “Stunned” Taylor Swift Referenced Him On New Album?

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Tom Hiddleston Reaction Reputation

By Shari Weiss |

Tom Hiddleston Reaction Reputation

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Is Tom Hiddleston “stunned” Taylor Swift referenced him on her new album? A certain webloid is claiming to know the actor’s reaction to some Reputation lyrics. But Gossip Cop has learned the story is both inauthentic and inaccurate.

According to HollywoodLife, because Hiddleston and Swift “didn’t split on bad terms,” he was “under the impression that he would’ve gotten a get out of fail free card when it was time for Tay to pen a new album.” Instead, he was “shocked to learn” that Swift supposedly “dropped some bars about their relationship.” The site points to lyrics from the songs “I Did Something Bad” and “Getaway Car” as possibly being about their short-lived romance.

And a so-called “source close to the actor” is quoted as saying, “Tom was not expecting to be a part of Taylor’s album. He thought they were on good terms. After their break-up, he was always asked if he was worried she was going to write about him, and he always said no. But everyone’s saying she did and he’s stunned. He genuinely thought he was going to get spared.”

But that’s not what HollywoodLies, as its known, previously claimed. While the outlet is now alleging he had no concerns about Swift’s new album, in August it featured an “exclusive” that maintained Hiddleston would be “crushed” if she dissed him on Reputation. Then, later that month, the online publication insisted it “exclusively learned” that Hiddleston was “actually flattered” and not the “least bit offended” she referenced him in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Yet now the blog is portraying him as “stunned” over the other songs after supposedly thinking he’d be “spared.”

To recap: HollywoodLies went from alleging Hiddleston was nervous about being referenced on Reputation to liking the “Look What You Made Me Do” reference to being surprised over the lyrical references on other songs. These three tales are all inconsistent with one another. And as for the specific claims here about the English star being bothered by the aforementioned song lyrics, Gossip Cop spoke with multiple people close to Hiddleston, who tell us he genuinely respects Swift’s art. And since art is open to interpretation, he’s not assuming any particular lyric is a slight against him.

The webloid jumped to conclusions about the meaning behind Swift’s new songs, but we’re told Hiddleston himself hasn’t done that. What’s more is that we’re again assured that no one in his inner circle would be sharing his reaction, good or bad, with HollywoodLies. This is, after all, the same site that earlier this year falsely claimed Hiddleston was “desperate” to get back together with Swift. The outlet is clearly still trying to milk their brief relationship, which ended more than a year ago, with made-up, and even contradictory, stories.

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