Tom Hiddleston “Jimmy Kimmel” Video: Watch “Kong: Skull Island” Interview!

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Tom Hiddleston Jimmy Kimmel Live Kong Skull Island

By Holly Nicol |

Tom Hiddleston Jimmy Kimmel Live Kong Skull Island


Tom Hiddleston appeared on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new movie, Kong: Skull Island. Check out the videos below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Hiddleston’s costar Brie Larson also appeared on Wednesday’s show to discuss Kong: Skull Island. Other than discussing her love for “The Bachelor,” the actress spoke about what the cast got up to on a weekend during filming, naming it a “Brie-kend.” “Why have a weekend when you can have a Brie-kend?” Hiddleston said. “We went go-karting and I learned that I am absolutely terrible at it. Awful. Just really slow,” he admitted. “One thing I did do is I learnt how to surf. I’ve never been surfing before, and if I’m going to Hawaii for 9 weeks I should learn how to surf.”

Hiddleston went on to talk about his new wax figure at Madame Tussauds, which is styled on his character from Kong: Skull Island. “In this particular form, it looks a little small,” Hiddleston said. “It’s not actual size Tom,” Kimmel joked. “It’s amazing. I haven’t come face to face with it,” the actor said. “I feel like it would be like in Back to the Future when Marty McFly comes face to face with the other version of him from another time. It would be hilarious.”

The actor then spoke about his time as a young boy at a boarding school in England, and revealed what kind of fun he had when he was there. “I was 8 or 9, and you’re in dormitories of ten boys, and you’re all kids. Get your pillows after lights out, get the end of the pillow, make it a kind of club, and start a huge pillow fight with the next door dormitory. The winner is determined by how many pillows you destroy,” he joked. “It’s kind of a good description of Kong: Skull Island actually.” Check out the videos below!

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