Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Thor’ Character Inspired Erotic Fan Art (VIDEO)

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Tom Hiddleston Graham Norton Show 2016

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Hiddleston Graham Norton Show 2016

(Graham Norton Show)

Tom Hiddleston appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which he discussed the abundance of erotic fan art inspired by his Thor character, Loki. Watch the funny video below!

During his guest spot on the British talk show, Hiddleston recounted a scene from the first Thor in which he tries to attack Chris Hemsworth’s character with a spear. “I jump in the air and he dodges out of the way, and then I bring the spear down and it wedges itself into the floor,” the actor explained. “And then I use it to spin myself around and kick him in the chest.” Hiddleston went on to note that his swift moves in the sequence were “interpreted by fans as a demonstration of my hidden talent at poll dancing.”

Host Norton then displayed on screen one example of the many pieces of fan art re-imagining Loki as a stripper. The piece in question featured an animated Hiddleston wearing a sexy version of his character’s costume while on all fours with his legs wrapped around a stripper pole. “I’ve not seen that one!” the taken aback actor said, to which Norton joked, “Oh, we’ll print it out and you can take it home.” Watch a highlight from Hiddleston’s “Graham Norton Show” interview below!


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