Tom Hiddleston NOT “Dropped From James Bond Movie,” Despite Report

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Tom Hiddleston Dropped James Bond Movie

By Shari Weiss |

Tom Hiddleston Dropped James Bond Movie

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Tom Hiddleston has not been “dropped” from an upcoming James Bond movie, despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can debunk the misleading story.

RadarOnline blares in a headline, “007 BUST! More Heartbreak For Tom! Hiddleston Dropped From James Bond Movie After Swift Split?” The accompanying story says Hiddleston “can’t catch a break.” The site writes, “Just days after news of his split with Taylor Swift, 26, went public, the 35-year-old actor could be canned from the James Bond movie he has been gunning for.”

So, what proof does the webloid have that Hiddleston was in talks for the role? And what evidence is there that he’s now out of the running? NONE and ZERO. The outlet merely goes on to quote actor Marcus Gilbert as saying Hiddleston doesn’t have the “hardness” needed for such a character. That one opinion, of course, has nothing to do with whether or not the star actually becomes involved with the franchise.

Quite simply, RadarOnline just wanted to write a new story tied to Hiddleston’s breakup with Swift, and went with a Bond angle. But there is nothing to back up the article’s headline. It’s never even been officially confirmed that Hiddleston is in contention to play Bond, much less now “dropped” or “canned.”

Gossip Cop isn’t surprised to see the site resort to speculative and largely clueless “reporting.” It was just last week that we called out the webloid for falsely claiming Daniel Craig had been offered $150 million to return as Bond. Our advice: Do NOT go to RadarOnlne for your James Bond news.

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Tom Hiddleston has been dropped from the James Bond movie since his split with Taylor Swift.

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