Tom Hiddleton blames Taylor Swift for losing the chance to play James Bond, according to a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop looked into the story, and can reveal what we've uncovered.

The article in question can be found in the new issue of Star, under the headline, "Tom Blames Taylor For Bond Bust!" The gossip magazine claims Hiddleston is "convinced" Swift is the reason why he won't be taking over for Daniel Craig in the film franchise. The actor was "in talks to replace" Craig, maintains the outlet, but "it was his high-profile romance with the pop star that cost him the role."

The tabloid alleges Hiddleston's negotiations recently ended, and references an unverified report that claimed producer Barbra Broccoli found him "too smug and not tough enough" to take on the iconic Bond character. But given that he and Swift broke up last September, it doesn't make sense that their short-lived romance would affect the outcome of a potential movie project seven months later. A so-called "source" contends to the publication that Hiddleston "refuses to accept that maybe he's just not Bond material, and their publicity stunts backfired."

"He wants to blame her for everything," the magazine's supposed snitch continues. This alleged tipster even asserts Hiddleston "hates being associated" with the superstar. Yet, Hiddleston had nothing but sweet things to say about Swift in GQ earlier this year. In fact, he used words like "kind," "generous," "amazing," and "incredible."

And it seems the gossip media wants to paint the dynamic between the former couple as one of two extremes. Either Hiddleston is still "in love" with Swift, as falsely claimed just last week, or he has hatred for her, as alleged in this tabloid tale. As is often the case, the truth lies in the middle. Hiddleston is not clamoring to reunite with the singer, but he's also not nonsensically holding her responsible for anything that does or doesn't happen in his career.

It must also be noted that Star has been caught misrepresenting the English actor and his status with the songstress before. Last summer, the tabloid crafted a wholly made-up narrative about Hiddleston flirting with women behind Swift's back. That piece was nothing more than a warped take on reality, and so is this new one. A source close to Hiddleston exclusively tells Gossip Cop that he isn't blaming Swift for anything. And, as Gossip Cop has always said, the notion that she would have any bearing on whether he plays Bond is ridiculous and unfounded.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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