Tom Hanks To Be Honored At High School Homecoming – Will He Attend?

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Tom Hanks homecoming

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Hanks homecoming

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Tom Hanks received a “Big” invitation from students at Kerman High School, near Fresno, California. The students are honoring the Oscar winner at its annual homecoming parade on October 9, and are hoping Hanks will attend.

“Our pie in the sky dream is to have him come and be the grand marshall of our parade,” assistant principal Margaret Nichols tells Gossip Cop. “We try to come up with a fun theme every year, and we thought Tom Hanks’ movies was a great theme…. Last year we chose board games (as a theme).”

Nichols says each class in grades nine through 12 will construct a float and a perform a short, two-minute skit based on one of the actor’s most iconic films. The senior class, with this year’s first pick, chose Forrest Gump. “I imagine the skits that will come out of these Tom Hanks movies are going to be pretty awesome,” Nichols tells Gossip Cop. She adds that the students “choreograph it, and do everything by themselves. They will perform the skits at the (homecoming) football game.”

Kerman, with a population 14,000, is a small farming community four hours north of Hanks’ home in Los Angeles. “We are a small, rural community, but we have great kids,” says Nichols. “That would be my pitch to him. Come and meet our kids.”

“It would just be awesome for him to acknowledge all the work these kids have done,” Nichols tells Gossip Cop. We reached out to Hanks’ camp to see whether he’ll take the students up on their offer. In the meantime, they have been creating banners (below), trying to coax the Hollywood star to Kerman for homecoming.

tom hanks kerman

(Kerman High School)

Tom Hanks Kerman banner

(Kerman High School)


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