Tom Hanks To Disney Lawyers: “I’ll Say Whatever I Want” About ‘Toy Story 4’ (VIDEO)

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Tom Hanks Disney Lawyers Toy Story

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Hanks Disney Lawyers Toy Story

(Graham Norton Show)

Tom Hanks told a funny story on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” about being scolded by Disney lawyers after he announced Toy Story 4 was in the works before the company was ready to officially break the news. However, the actor had the perfect response for the studio brass. Watch the video below!

Around this time last year, Disney confirmed the development of another Toy Story sequel. But shortly before the company’s announcement, Hanks was asked about the status of the franchise during a red carpet interview. “Somebody stuck a microphone in my face at some point and said, ‘Is there gonna be a Toy Story 4?,’” the actor explained on the British talk show. “I said, ‘Yeah!’ And I got a call from the Disney lawyers the next day.”

Hanks, in a monotone voice, then recounted how one of the lawyers told him, “You are contractually not allowed to discuss a Toy Story 4. It will effect the stock market price of the Disney common stock.” Hanks’ rebuttal? He shot back to the lawyer, “Hey, I’m sorry. But let me just point out… I’m Woody! I’ll say whatever I want.”

Hanks then went on to break even more Toy Story 4 news to Norton, revealing that he’s currently recording voice work for the movie, however it won’t hit theaters until 2018, due to how long the animation process takes. Watch a highlight below from the actor’s “Graham Norton” interview, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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