Tom Hanks Hilariously Shows David Letterman How To Use Selfie Stick (VIDEO)

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Tom Hanks teaches David Letterman the selfie stick

By James Crugnale |

Tom Hanks teaches David Letterman the selfie stick


Tom Hanks appeared on the “Late Show” Monday, and celebrated David Letterman’s final week by taking a picture of himself with the host via a selfie stick. “Wait a minute, what is this?!” Letterman exclaimed, incredulous about the device. Hanks proceeded to teach the outgoing late night host about the latest craze. Watch the video below!

“I think that by and large they can be pretty goofy,” Hanks acknowledged about the much-mocked selfie stick. “But look at the throw on this thing! There we are, Dave!” The actor proceeded to take a photo with the handheld camera stick while riffing on the technology. “You press a button and out it comes!” Hanks marveled. “There it is!”

Hanks went on to tell Letterman, “So in a couple weeks, when you head down to — I’m just going to guess what you’re going to be up to: two words, Space Camp — take one of these bad boys with you!” The TV personality then jokingly observed, “It’s almost like someone else has taken the picture for you!”

As Gossip Cop has reported, a cavalcade of celebrities have appeared on “Late Show” the past few weeks to pay tribute to Letterman. Hanks was announced last week as the comedian’s second-to-last guest, before Bill Murray takes on a seat on Tuesday’s show, in advance of Wednesday’s finale. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think about Hanks teaching Letterman how to use a selfie stick. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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