Tom Cruise “Not Worrying” About Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Is Made-Up

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Jamies Foxx

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Jamies Foxx

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A new report that claims Tom Cruise is “not worrying” about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is 100 percent made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this fabricated tale, which comes from a site that’s been repeatedly caught manufacturing untrue stories, complete with fake quotations. In addition to being told no one in Cruise’s camp is talking about his ex-wife and Foxx, the story itself actually contradicts the outlet’s previous articles.

In its latest fake news offering, HollywoodLife contends that it has learned Cruise “couldn’t be happier” to be back on the set of Mission: Impossible 6, and that he’s completely disinterested in Holmes’ relationship with Foxx. Basically the serial fibbers at HollywoodLies saw numerous reports about Cruise being back on the U.K. set of the film on Tuesday and, based on his well-known love for filmmaking, concocted a phony quote about him being “thrilled” to be working again after breaking an ankle while doing a stunt in August.

With that as its backdrop, the repeatedly discredited blog pivots to its equally phony claim about Cruise not caring about Holmes and Foxx. To bolster its premise, the site quotes an almost assuredly fictitious “source” as maintaining the actor is “not bothered by whatever Jamie and Katie might be doing.” This is all very interesting coming from HollywoodLies, considering it posted in rapid succession as slew of stories that asserted the actor was rather bothered by Foxx and Holmes.

For example, Gossip Cop busted recently HollywoodLies for wrongly reporting Cruise was “upset” and “furious” over Holmes and Foxx. Whoops. There was also the fake news story about Cruise being “envious” of Holmes’ romance with Foxx. Or how about the site swearing up and down that Cruise felt “betrayed” by Foxx and Holmes?

Not only does HollywoodLife seemingly churn out fake news, but the site appears unable to even keep track of its lies. Thankfully, Gossip Cop keep very good records. Regardless, we checked in with an impeccable Cruise insider and we’re told no one in his trusted circle is feeding the falsehoods published by that website.

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