Tom Cruise NOT Vetting Vanessa Kirby To Be Fourth Wife, Despite Fake News Story

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Tom Cruise Vanessa Kirby Wife

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Cruise Vanessa Kirby Wife

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A new tabloid report claims Tom Cruise has fallen for Mission: Impossible 6 co-star Vanessa Kirby, and is vetting her to become his fourth wife. But the report is simply not true. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fake news.

Recently released photos from the Paris set of Cruise’s action sequel show the actor kissing Kirby while filming a scene. Naturally, In Touch has taken these on-set images to concoct a real-life love story between the co-stars. A supposed “insider” tells the magazine that the pair have “a blossoming romance going” and are spending a lot of time together when they’re not shooting.

The outlet goes on to make the absurd claim that the movie star initially cast Kirby in the film “in hopes she could be the fourth Mrs. Tom Cruise,” and the plan is going smoothly. “He’s actively pursuing her, and she’s loving it,” adds the tabloid’s dubious source. “There’s just something special about her, and he’s fallen hard.” Only, this tall tale isn’t remotely true.

In Touch first alleged Cruise and Kirby were dating back in March before the co-stars even began filming Mission: Impossible 6. We exclusively busted the claim back then, and nothing has changed in the time since. Gossip Cop is once again told by a source close to the situation that their relationship is purely professional. Additionally, we just recently busted RadarOnline’s similarly bogus story about Cruise and Kirby being a couple.

It should also be noted, various tabloids previously linked the actor to his other Mission: Impossible 6 co-star, Rebecca Ferguson, as well as The Mummy co-star Annabelle Wallis. Both of those actresses were also said to be in consideration to become Cruise’s next wife, but these supposed marriages never transpired. Kirby is simply the latest target in the tabloids’ phony narrative about the actor’s love life.

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