Tom Cruise Upset About Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx “Romance Going Public”?

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

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A new tabloid report claims Tom Cruise is “upset” about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx “going public” with their romance, but Gossip Cop has learned the entire story is made-up. We’re told by sources close to each of those involved that the story is untrue.

According to OK!, Cruise is “less than pleased” that after “four years of under-the-radar dating,” Holmes and Foxx “emerged as a couple last fall.” A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Tom used to consider Jamie a friend.” “He’s upset about the relationship with Katie, especially now that they’re no longer keeping it quiet,” adds the alleged insider.

The seemingly fabricated “source” maintains Holmes’ supposed “romance” with Foxx “hasn’t exactly encouraged [Cruise] to have more contact with Katie and Suri.” “Unfortunately, it’s his daughter who’s paying the price,” concludes the questionable tipster. Not only are the claims completely phony, but they also contradict previous assertions made by the untrustworthy outlet.

For starters, Cruise is not “upset” because, in the real world, he doesn’t care who Holmes does or doesn’t date. More importantly, as Gossip Cop has noted in the past, prior to Saturday night’s pre-Grammys party, Foxx and Holmes never went “public” with anything. They were photographed, without their knowledge, by paparazzi using long lenses while they were having a private moment. Additionally, the tabloid’s insistence that Holmes and Foxx are “no longer keeping [their relationship] quiet” is absurd.

And the contention that Holmes and Foxx’s friendship “hasn’t exactly encouraged him to have more contact with Katie and Suri” is beyond ridiculous. One has nothing to do with the other. Cruise was out of Holmes and his daughter Suri’s life for years, long before the actress began spending time with Foxx.

Of course, OK! has not only been repeatedly wrong about Holmes and Foxx and the nature of their relationship, but it also can’t keep track of its lies. In January 2016, for example, the unreliable tabloid ran a cover story that exclaimed, “Katie & Jamie: Wedding & A Baby!” The gossip magazine further alleged it had “details of the secret ceremony,” and swore up and down that Cruise gave “his blessing” (below).

But that’s not all. In March of that same year, the publication ran yet another cover story that announced, “Jamie & Katie: It’s A Girl!” The issue even claimed that upon hearing Holmes was supposedly pregnant, Cruise was so happy for her and Foxx that he sent a “$2,500 bouquet of flowers” (below).

To recap: So now the often discredited tabloid would like us to believe that Cruise is “upset” about Holmes and Foxx’s “romance,” but two years ago he gave them his “blessing” for their wedding that never happened and bought expensive flowers for the baby girl they never had? The only ones who should be “upset” are those who spend $5.99 a week buying the magazine’s lies about Cruise, Holmes, and Foxx. Regardless, as opposed to the tabloid’s nameless and untraceable sources, reps for Holmes and Foxx tell Gossip Cop on the record that the outlet’s latest article is not true, like so many of its previous ones. And a source within Cruise’s camp, who spoke of condition of anonymity, also noted that the report was wrong.

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx