Tom Cruise’s Alleged Secret Underground “Doomsday” Bunker Made Up By Magazine

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Tom Cruise secret bunker

By Daniel Gates |

Tom Cruise secret bunker

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Tom Cruise did NOT build a “million-dollar underground bunker at his palatial family compound in Beverly Hills,” despite a new National Enquirer report. The Enquirer has spent years getting real estate stories about Cruise completely wrong, including the false claims that he was buying an island off New Zealand, purchasing an $8 million “dream house in Hawaii” for daughter Suri, and moving into Larry Hagman’s old house. The pattern continues here.

According to sources for the outlet, Cruise’s alleged bunker was “most likely a ‘hideout’ for the superstar, then-wife Katie Holmes, and their daughter, Suri — in preparation for the end of the world!” Wow, an alleged top-secret, super-mysterious apocalypse shelter! That’s pretty much what we’d expect the Enquirer to “report” about Cruise.

The tabloid says Cruise spent millions of dollars to excavate the bedrock underneath his mansion’s tennis court, where he built “what appears to be an underground shelter.” An ex-Scientologist tells the Enquirer that Cruise’s “bunker” sounds similar to Scientology’s “doomsday preparedness” plans. The magazine’s source explains, “When something goes down, they know they’re going to need a place to hide out.”

Except… this so-called hideout “lair” is a figment of the tabloid’s imagination. Cruise may have built additional rooms under his Beverly Hills estate, but the result was NOT the “doomsday preparedness” bunker the Enquirer alleges. A source close to Cruise tells Gossip Cop exclusively that this version of events is “made up.”


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