Tom Cruise Trying To Take Suri Back From Katie Holmes Is Made-Up

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Tom Cruise Takes Back Suri

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Tom Cruise Takes Back Suri

(National Enquirer)

A new tabloid cover story claiming Tom Cruise is trying to take daughter Suri back from Katie Holmes was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust it. Nothing has changed regarding the former couple’s custody situation.

But the National Enquirer is announcing on its cover, “Courtroom Showdown: Tom Gets Suri!” The magazine claims that after years of estrangement, Cruise is “scrambling to be reunited with his precious daughter,” and is “set to swoop back into her life.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “The word is that Tom is making an effort to be a part of Suri’s life again.” As Gossip Cop has pointed out numerous times, “the word is” is one of those telltale phrases that indicate the narrative is based on unsubstantiated rumor, not confirmed facts or firsthand knowledge.

The questionable source goes on to claim Cruise has been trying to woo his daughter with “gifts,” such as clothes and concert tickets, “and it seems to be working.” Bizarrely, the outlet’s alleged tipster argues, “After such a great reaction to his latest Mission: Impossible film, Tom is ready to get back into the spotlight — and also be a dad to Suri.” Gossip Cop isn’t sure why box office acclaim would suddenly make Cruise want to fulfill his fatherly duties.

The untraceable “insider” further proves to be a dubious resource when he or she offers, “If Tom has already been granted that access to Suri, Katie is going to have a hard time blocking him from seeing her.” Wait — “If Tom”? Shouldn’t an “insider” know for sure whether or not Cruise has in fact “already been granted that access”? The same problem arises when the purported snitch asserts, “Katie would probably be worried that he’d try and lure her into joining Scientology. If Katie suspects that’s the case, she’ll do everything she can to stop it from happening.”

It is clear this “insider” is only guessing and speculating. And the publication can’t provide a single shred of evidence to back any of its allegations up. Gossip Cop can reveal why: There is no proof to support this storyline because not only is it untrue, but it was also copied from a foreign tabloid. Last week, the Australian magazine NW ran a suspiciously similar cover story with a nearly identical line on the front of its issue: “Katie’s New Court Battle: Tom Gets Suri!”

Both outlets tried to dupe readers into thinking Cruise has suddenly obtained custody from Holmes. In reality, nothing has changed, and neither side has gone to court. Notably, last month People did an extensive profile on Cruise’s life, but reported nothing about a reunion being in the works with Suri. That’s because there isn’t one, despite what some gossip publications are trying to get people to believe.

This isn’t even original territory for the Enquirer, which also manufactured a false tale about Cruise working on a custody deal nearly a year ago. Now this new, equally untrue story on this same topic is also being peddled online by the tabloid’s sister site, RadarOnline. But the blog, which recently published a completely wrong article about Holmes and Jamie Foxx calling off a nonexistent wedding and splitting, also can’t back up any of these claims about a “fight” with Cruise over Suri. These stories are fiction through and through.


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