Tom Cruise Never Reunited With Daughter Suri, Despite Report A Year Ago

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Tom Cruise Suri Reunited

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Tom Cruise Suri Reunited

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Tom Cruise never reunited with his daughter Suri Cruise, despite a report a year ago that alleged he was planning to reconcile with his youngest child. Gossip Cop reported then that the family dynamic wasn’t going to change and the story was not true. Time has proven we were right.

On February 22, 2017, In Touch published a story claiming the death of Cruise’s mother had inspired him to reconnect with Suri, whom he had not seen or even spoken to in several years. A so-called “source” maintained that following the funeral, the actor decided to “re-evaluate what’s most important in his life.” It was then specifically alleged he wanted to “re-establish his relationship” with Suri and start seeing her “on a regular basis.”

To facilitate this, the tabloid’s alleged tipster claimed he planned to use “handlers and attorneys” to contact Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes, and request to “see Suri within the next few weeks.” The questionable insider insisted he was ready to “ramp up his relationship with her in a big way.” But weeks went by without a father-daughter reunion. In fact, now 52 weeks have passed and they remain estranged. Gossip Cop was assured at the time by one of our own reputable sources that the story was false, and given that Cruise still has not contacted the 11-year-old, it’s clear our reporting was correct.

What’s also notable is that the gossip magazine essentially doubled-down last June, offering another article claiming Cruise intended to reunite with Suri. In that story, it was alleged the idea for a reunion was planted in his head after a reporter asked him if she might pursue acting like her famous dad. “You never know” was his vague reply. But the outlet asserted the exchange “triggered something in Tom and made him want to reconnect with Suri.” It was even claimed that the movie star intended to remarry and that one he did, he “wants Suri back.”

But as noted above, nothing in their relationship changed. Nothing has changed after any of the times the publication and its ilk have made such claims. Most recently, Star peddled a cover story just last month that falsely announced Cruise was contemplating quitting Scientology in order to pursue a relationship with his daughter. Gossip Cop learned, however, that he had no intention of leaving the church.

And as long as he remains a faithful member, it’s unlikely he and Suri will be in touch, as she and her mom are thought to be what the religion calls “suppressive people.” Cruise never reunited with Suri a year ago, and it’s not expected he will any time soon.