Did Tom Cruise Reunite With Daughter Suri?

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Tom Cruise Suri Reunite

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Cruise Suri Reunite

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Tom Cruise has not reunited with his estranged daughter Suri, despite a report from a year ago claiming the actor was planning to reconnect with her. Gossip Cop debunked the story when it was first published. Time has proven it false.

The movie star hasn’t been in contact with his 12-year-old daughter for several years, but In Touch claimed on June 1, 2017 that he wanted the little girl back in his life. This premise emerged after Cruise was asked about his daughter while promoting The Mummy reboot in Australia. The actor quickly changed the subject, but the tabloid said the reporter’s question “triggered something in Tom and made him want to reconnect with Suri.”

The unreliable magazine further contended that Cruise was also searching for a wife so he could give Suri a stepmom and have a family again. Shortly after the article was printed, a source close to the movie star told us on the condition of anonymity that it was fabricated. 12 months have passed, and it’s become abundantly clear that In Touch has zero insight into the actor’s personal life.

As time has shown, Cruise hasn’t reconnected with his young daughter. Instead, Katie Holmes has full custody of Suri. The mom and daughter have a very close relationship and spend a ton of quality time together. The two are frequently photographed strolling around New York City, where they live, as well as attending various awards shows, concerts and similar events. Cruise, on the other hand, spent the past year filming Mission: Impossible – Fallout, as opposed to hunting for a wife and reuniting with Suri.

It’s worth noting, In Touch often comes up with phony variations on this theme. Gossip Cop called out the tabloid last year for wrongly reporting that Cruise wanted to re-establish a relationship with his daughter following the death of his mother. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Also, the unreliable magazine frequently publishes articles about Cruise that are disproven with time. Last October, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Cruise was “preparing to marry” Vanessa Kirby, his co-star in the latest Mission: Impossible movie. Not only did the two never walk down the aisle, but they’re not even dating.

There’s a pattern here. The untrustworthy tabloid comes up with a bogus narrative, Gossip Cop debunks it, and then time proves we were right to do so. Last year’s article involving Cruise’s nonexistent reunion with Suri is just another example.


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