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Tom Cruise is battling Katie Holmes for equal custody of daughter Suri, according to a made-up tabloid cover story. The report claims the actress is "devastated" over the situation. But Gossip Cop can confirm none of this is true.

The new cover of NW wrongly blares, "Tom Gets Suri!" The wording was designed to make it seem like Cruise was already awarded joint custody of the 12-year-old. This is a bait-and-switch. After luring in readers with that premise, it's revealed the story inside the issue is about Cruise supposedly hoping to get increased visitation. Nothing has actually happened.

Noting Holmes and Suri's closeness, it's alleged "Tom's decided to burst their cozy mother-daughter bubble" and "is wanting to be granted joint custody of Suri." The magazine claims Cruise has "always been allowed to see Suri for 10 days a month" since he and Holmes split, but asserts "whispers are swirling that he wants to up his access to Suri, and has possibly instructed his lawyers to draw up the paperwork to make it happen." The phrases "whispers are swirling" and "has possibly instructed" indicate the outlet has no firsthand knowledge or evidence to support its claims.

Still, a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "He wants to have a real father-daughter relationship with Suri." The publication goes on to speculate that Holmes' "public displays of affection with beau Jamie Foxx may have triggered Tom's thoughts about spending more time with his daughter." The tabloid further tries to connect Cruise's new Florida penthouse, which is currently under construction, to Suri, with the supposed "insider" claiming he wants her to "live with him."

"Tom wants to make it the perfect place for Suri and her pals to hang out," contends the magazine, pointing out how the actor has "spared no expense on the pad and has splashed out on a lap pool, flight simulator, home gym, private entrance and even a car elevator." It's unclear how any of these amenities, aside from the pool, would benefit Suri. Additionally, though the outlet teases a "court battle" on its cover, it's acknowledged in the article that there are no legal proceedings currently underway. A pal purported "pal" of Holmes nonetheless guesses, "It would probably be her worst nightmare... Going from next to no visitation to shared custody would be a total shock."

It probably would be. But nothing about this report is legitimate. In fact, at least one of the quotes is plagiarized. NW cites an unnamed "source" as saying, "Suri's growing up fast, and Tom feels like he's missed out on so much." Gossip Cop immediately recognized that line because it previously appeared in a OK! story we busted last month about Cruise visiting Suri. As we reported at the time, Holmes' spokesperson denied there would be any changes to the former couple's custody arrangements. Nothing has changed in the less than two weeks since that debunking.

There are other problems with this new piece. The publication suggests Cruise was motivated to take action because of his ex-wife's love life, but in June, this same tabloid insisted Holmes and Foxx were on the outs and she was suffering from a "heartbreak." That's not mentioned here, nor is the magazine's March claim that Holmes was pregnant. What ever happened to Suri supposedly getting a new sibling?

It appears NW has disregarded its own prior reporting and abruptly changed storylines to piggyback off another gossip magazine's (untrue) narrative about Suri and Cruise reuniting. It should be noted that the reputable People just did a whole cover story on the movie star, but said nothing about him suddenly trying to get equal custody of the tween. Addressing the "mysteries" surrounding Cruise's life, it was only said, "He loves all his children. And each of them has a right to their own story." It's shameful that some outlets choose to make-up fictional stories like this one just to sell magazine copies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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