A new tabloid report claiming that Tom Cruise's 12-year-old daughter Suri has reached out and begged him to visit her is made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. A rep for Katie Holmes confirms it's not true.

The movie star has been estranged from his young daughter for years, but according to OK!, he's agreed to come back into her life following a string of letters, phone calls and voicemails from her. An alleged insider tells the magazine, "He's contacted Suri through a third party, who he trusts implicitly, to check in and make sure she's OK. He wants her to know that he's thought of her all this time and that he got all of her messages."

The supposed sources goes on to say that Cruise is preparing "to come back into Suri's life permanently" and would even consider leaving Scientology if any of the higher-ups forbid him from seeing her. The outlet's "insider" adds that Suri has also "made a plea to Katie to let her see her dad," who's supposedly been "homesick and missing family comforts" while traveling around the world promoting Mission: Impossible - Fallout. "Suri's growing up fast, and he feels like he's missed out so much," adds the questionable tipster.

The magazine's account of events is coming from an anonymous and untraceable "insider," but Holmes' own spokesperson is going on the record to dismiss it. It should be noted, the unreliable magazine attempts to sell its phony story by alleging that Suri seemed unhappy during a recent trip to Paris with her mom. "It looked like a lot was weighing on her mind," says the tabloid's "source." There's zero evidence to back this up. Conversely, an Instagram photo shared by Holmes shows her and Suri with big smiles on their faces while posing in front of the Louvre museum.

It's also worth mentioning, OK! frequently recycles this bogus narrative about Suri being "desperate" to see her dad. Gossip Cop busted the outlet earlier this year for making up a similar story saying the 12-year-old reached out to Cruise for a reunion, but he ignored her pleas. Shortly after that, the tabloid's sister publication, Star, wrongly reported that Cruise was quitting Scientology for his daughter. That clearly hasn't happened.

There's a lot of baseless speculation surrounding Cruise's estrangement from his daughter, but it's clear the gossip media has little insight into the situation. This latest article is yet another example.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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