Tom Cruise Shunning Spotlight, Living As Hermit With No Personal Life?

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Tom Cruise Spotlight

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Tom Cruise Spotlight

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Is Tom Cruise shunning the spotlight? A new report claims the actor is living as a “hermit” and has no personal life. Gossip Cop looked into the allegations.

It says in the current issue of OK!, “When he’s not promoting films, Hollywood’s biggest movie star shuns the spotlight that made him famous.” According to the tabloid, after a series of personal and professional missteps, Cruise “took the hint and retreated from the spotlight.” The gossip magazine writes, however, “But curiously, though he’s found success onscreen again, his personal life remains a closely guarded secret.”

“Tom doesn’t want to scramble to repair his public image,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. “Revealing certain parts of himself is what got him into trouble in the first place. He’s realized that he doesn’t have to be ‘relatable’ to be bankable. If anything, doing that has the opposite effect.”

That said, the outlet also goes as far as claiming Cruise doesn’t even have a personal life at all. A purported “insider” contends, “Tom really became a hermit after that PR crisis. Making movies is his one passion. He emerges to make a new film, pours himself into it, and then retreats again.”

This “insider” further asserts, “Tom is done talking about his values and beliefs. He’ll always show up to promote his movies, but he’s determined not to make headlines for anything else.” Gossip Cop, though, has learned this is a sensationalized take on Cruise’s actual reality.

While the actor has certainly embraced a more private life in recent years (and it’s hard to blame him for that), the publication is making it seem like he never leaves his home and has no interaction with the outside world. Yet the sidebar to this article actually contradicts that premise, citing three examples of how Cruise has remained in touch with Dakota Fanning, Renee Zellweger, and Jonathan Lipnicki.

And just because the public is no longer seeing Cruise’s personal life up close doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. It’s also worth noting that this exaggerated piece also inadvertently exposes past fabrications from OK!. It’s now stated that “Tom hasn’t been seriously linked to anyone” since his divorce from Katie Holmes, yet the tabloid has linked him (albeit wrongly) to a number of women.

Most recently, last November, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for a cover story that falsely alleged Cruise was dating Annabelle Wallis. Now the outlet is pretending it never wrote that tall tale, and many others, about his love life to push its new narrative. Cruise’s life has undoubtedly changed to a certain extent. But OK!‘s tabloid trickery remains the same, and the outlet is not to be trusted given its poor track record with Cruise.

By the way, below is a picture of Cruise with Prince Philip less than a month ago, when the actor attended a gala
dinner for the philanthropic Outward Bound Trust. So much for shunning the spotlight and living as a hermit.

Tom Cruise Prince Philip Dinner

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