Tom Cruise Did NOT Have Secret “Meeting” With Suri In New York, Despite Report

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Tom Cruise Suri Secret Reunion

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Cruise Suri Secret Reunion

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Tom Cruise did not have a secret “meeting” with his daughter Suri in New York on July 27, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned there wasn’t a get-together that day. A source close to the situation tells us it is untrue.

According to OK!, Cruise and his daughter spent three hours together in an apartment belonging to “someone in his management team,” where he gave the nine-year-old “a big teddy bear as the two embraced and then played hide-and-seek and read stories.” The unreliable tabloid adds that Cruise is “considering leaving Scientology” for Suri because its so-called “source” says, “It may be the key to improving their relationship.”

While a story about a father and daughter spending time is sweet, the tabloid’s report is complete fiction from start to finish. There was no meeting in an apartment belonging to “someone” in Cruise’s team, and the actor is not leaving Scientology. As Gossip Cop noted, an insider tells us exclusively this none of what OK! claimed happened.

Of course, this does not surprise Gossip Cop since we busted the tabloid badly three years ago when it absurdly claimed Suri celebrated Cruise’s 50th birthday with him in Iceland on July 3. Not only did that article come out on July 2, a full day before the supposed “reunion” the magazine had written about, but also Suri was in New York that day with Katie Holmes, who had just filed for divorce.

Sadly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the verifiably phony OK! stories we have busted. Over the years, Gossip Cop has exclusively corrected the tabloid for wrongly reporting that Cruise and Lindsay Lohan were “hooking up,” and that he and Holmes were getting back together. There were also false claims we debunked about Cruise buying Suri a house in London and giving her $5 million for her fifth birthday.

Whether you have hypertension or not, take the latest OK! report with a grain of salt, because Cruise and Suri did not have a three-hour playdate in New York on July 27.

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Tom Cruise had a secret meeting with Suri in New York.


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