Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes NOT Reuniting, Despite Reports

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Tom Cruise Reuniting Katie Holmes

By Shari Weiss |

Tom Cruise Reuniting Katie Holmes

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not reuniting, despite ridiculous reports. Gossip Cop can bust the stories.

Headlines & Global News has a headline reading, “Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes back? Jamie Foxx finds a reason to break up with girlfriend.” According to the accompanying article, “Tom Cruise is said to be keen on having Katie Holmes back in his life after Jamie Foxx dumped the actress because of Cruise.”

Picking up some of its claims from another dubious outlet, iTechPost, HNGN says, “Rumors are rife that Tom Cruise had gotten in the way of the rumored couple. The speculation appears that Jamie is afraid of Tom…. It can be said that Foxx learned so many stories about Tom from Katie about what it’s like to be with Tom’s negative side and that he doesn’t want to encounter that trouble.”

The piece goes on to question whether Cruise purposefully interfered with Holmes and Foxx’s supposed relationship. “Is Tom doing this because he wants to have Katie Holmes back in his life? It can be recalled that he took Suri out for a short trip just the past month. So, perhaps, as what the speculation suggests, he is initiating the reunion.”

No. Cruise is not “initiating” any kind of reunion, nor has he had any influence on Holmes’ personal life in years. And, as Gossip Cop previously debunked, Cruise and daughter Suri did not have a reunion or take any kind of trip together. So what we have here is a site spreading misinformation by combining multiple rumors into one very inaccurate story. Don’t fall for any of it.

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reuniting.


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