Tom Cruise Has NOT “Reconnected” With Suri, Despite Report

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Tom Cruise Reconnect Suri

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Cruise Reconnect Suri

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Tom Cruise has not “secretly reconnected” with or gained “control” over his daughter Suri, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this tabloid claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to repeatedly debunked National Enquirer, Cruise has “won the battle over daughter Suri.” The publication contends that while the actor had previously made Scientology his “top priority,” it all changed when he “recently reconnected with his adorable 10-year-old daughter.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Katie [Holmes] is freaking out.” “She’s scared Tom will use his money, power and influence to take Suri away from her for good,” adds the alleged source. The tabloid then goes into how Cruise’s sister has quietly “coordinated his visits with Suri,” including one that secretly took place in “a charming English village.”

But the article is riddled with falsehoods. Cruise has not “secretly” or even publicly reconnected with Suri. In fact, it’s been a number of years since he’s met up with the little girl. A source close to the situation confirms to Gossip Cop that the tabloid’s claims are simply “not true.”

Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised by the falsity of the publication’s story. We have corrected the Enquirer on numerous occasions, including when the magazine absurdly claimed Cruise is not Suri’s real dad. Gossip Cop also shot down the tabloid earlier this year when it reported Cruise thinks Suri is possessed by an “evil spirit.” Much like those cockamamie articles, the latest about Cruise gaining “control” of Suri after allegedly having “secretly reconnected” with her is also inaccurate.

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Tom Cruise has secretly reconnected with his daughter Suri.


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