Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Trip To Switzerland Report NOT True

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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

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Tom Cruise did not go on a “secret plastic surgery trip” to Switzerland, despite a new claim. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this report. We’re told it’s “false.”

According to In Touch, Cruise recently traveled to Switzerland “to see a world-renowned plastic surgeon” because the actor fears his “days as a Hollywood heartthrob are slipping further behind him, and he’s determined to put a stop to it.” The tabloid quotes a so-called source close to Cruise as saying, “He’s noticed that his jawline and brows are starting to droop. It’s been making him unhappy for a long time.”

The magazine’s supposed “insider” alleges that while Cruise was filming The Mummy in England, “He was somewhat disappointed in how he looked after he saw himself onscreen,” adding, “The lighting and makeup people tried to work around it, but there was only so much they could do.” That’s why, claims the tabloid, he flew to Switzerland to consult with a “very prominent surgeon.” “Tom wants a face-lift… A face-lift is the only way to fix what he doesn’t like,” says the publication’s dubious “insider.”

In Touch says another reason Cruise sought out the surgeon with a reputation for being “the best in Europe” is that he’s become “enthralled” with his 22-years younger co-star Annabelle Wallis. “Tom really wants to pursue her seriously,” says the tabloid’s source. The magazine’s insider concludes that Cruise doesn’t want the supposed surgery to be “noticeable,” noting the actor “just wants to look like a slightly younger version of himself.”

Gossip Cop would like to point out a few suspicious aspects of the tabloid’s article before relating what we have learned. Interestingly, the tabloid never once mentions the name of the alleged surgeon in Switzerland who’s considered “the best in Europe.” In addition to that convenient omission, which would have led to calling the doctor’s office to confirm whether or not the magazine’s story was true or not, the publication also does not say when Cruise supposedly took his “secret plastic surgery trip.”

Instead, the outlet published a less than flattering paparazzi photo of Cruise to bolster its claim that, like everyone else, Cruise is getting older. Irrespective of the tabloid’s glaring omissions and self-serving quotations, Gossip Cop looked into this report, and we’re exclusively told it’s “false.” There was no “secret plastic surgery trip” to Switzerland.

Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised by the inaccurate report. The tabloid has a long and ignominious history of getting stories wrong about Cruise. In 2012, for example, Gossip Cop exclusively busted the publication when it falsely claimed in a cover story that his daughter Suri wanted to live with Cruise over his ex-wife Katie Holmes. That was followed up by equally untrue reports about Cruise’s trying to seize control of Suri and leaving Scientology for her.

Of course, four years later none of those reports proved to be true nor did the outlet’s other subsequent tales about his planned “explosive showdown in court” for Suri or actually taking his daughter away from Holmes, as alleged in 2015. Other falsehoods propagated by In Touch included such claims in 2016 about Cruise having “ruined” Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s (nonexistent) wedding plans and dating a “mystery” actress before seeking custody of Suri.

Not one of those stories were true, and neither is the latest account about Cruise visiting an unnamed plastic surgeon in Switzerland. If you want facts about Tom Cruise, read Gossip Cop. If you’re interested in fiction, you know where you can find it.


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