Tom Cruise Pursuing Romance With Olivia Munn?

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Side by side shots of Tom Cruise and Olivia Munn

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shots of Tom Cruise and Olivia Munn

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Is Tom Cruise really pursuing a romance with Olivia Munn? That’s the rumor being spread in one of the new tabloids. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Cruise attended a pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles earlier this month, and according to NW, the only reason he went was to find a woman. An alleged insider tells the outlet that the actor “couldn’t keep his eyes off” Munn and rushed over to meet her. “Tom is a charismatic man and really turned it on for Olivia,” adds the questionable source. “She’s never quite mixed with upper A-listers like Tom and he capitalized on how pleased she was that he was paying her so much personal attention.”

The supposed tipster goes on to say that Cruise “pulled his usual stunt of suggesting they work together on a project,” but he meant it sincerely as “he’ll take any chance to get to know her better.” The seemingly phony source continues, “It’s been a while since Tom’s been so excited about a potential partner and he’s admitted it may be finally time to settle down again.”

“Tom wants Olivia officially on his arm in time for the Top Gun sequel premiere in June,” adds the unknown insider. “He’ll pull out all the stops to woo her between now and then – even if he has to personally pilot the chopper that gets her to the red carpet. Expect to hear of some secret dates in LA between these two soon.” The possibly fictitious insider concludes, “Olivia’s very excited at the prospect that Tom is interested in her and open to meeting up with him in private.”

The only true aspect of this is story is that both Cruise and Munn attended the CAA pre-Oscars party. Everything else is false. NW was desperate to make up a story about the actor’s love life, so the magazine simply linked him to a random woman who was recently in the same room as him. Munn has been dating Tucker Roberts for more than a year. The actress went public with her boyfriend, who’s the president of an esports team, at a Halloween party a few months ago.

Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the situation, who assures us that Cruise isn’t pursuing a romance with Munn. Just two months ago, we busted NW for falsely claiming Cruise was trying to seduce Jennifer Aniston. Shortly before that, the outlet insisted Cruise was begging Demi Moore to be his “Scientology bride.” The unreliable tabloid is now targeting Munn for no apparent reason.


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