Tom Cruise Has NOT Seen Suri, Despite Report

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Tom Cruise Not Seeing Suri

By Shari Weiss |

Tom Cruise Not Seeing Suri

(Us Weekly)

Tom Cruise has NOT seen Suri, despite a tabloid cover story falsely claiming father and daughter have reunited after a long estrangement. Gossip Cop previously reported that Tom hasn’t seen Suri in three years. Now we’ve exclusively learned nothing has changed, contrary to the new claims.

The allegations are coming from Us Weekly, which is running a cover story about Tom and Suri’s relationship, saying he “rarely sees his daughter,” but has resumed contact and visits. Specifically, the magazine alleges the two “quietly” saw each other in late June, and again in July. For the latter case, it’s said Suri was flown to London as a “VIP guest” for Tom’s birthday, with a so-called “source” claiming, “He didn’t want word to get out, so everything was treated very discreetly.”

It’s alleged that Tom and Suri, joined by his sister, a bodyguard, and a nanny, then “spent two days in the idyllic village of Bourton-on-the-Water” in the U.K., “before returning to London to round-out the five-day visit.” Of the so-called “reunion,” the publication’s supposed snitch deems it “very important” to Cruise, noting, “Suri is a special part of his life.”

Sadly, that’s just not true. Gossip Cop is exclusively told that Tom still hasn’t seen Suri, and they remain out of contact as they have for years now. A rep for Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes, tells Gossip Cop simply, “The story is false.”


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