Tom Cruise NOT Dating Annabelle Wallis, Despite Report

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Tom Cruise is NOT dating Annabelle Wallis, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report.

The new cover of OK! announces, “Tom In Love With Sexy Costar! He’s Leaving Scientology!” Inside the issue, a headline exclaims, “Tom Cruise In Love At Last!” It’s said, “After years of loneliness, Tom Cruise has finally fallen for a new woman: His Mummy costar Annabelle Wallis.”

“It was at work where Tom met the woman with whom sources say he is now totally smitten,” writes the magazine, which says Wallis was “hand-picked by Tom to star opposite him” in the upcoming Mummy reboot. A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Everyone on set could see that Tom was dazzled by Annabelle. Their chemistry is incredible. There’s a lot of romantic comedy in the film, and they really sizzle together.”

The publication goes on to assert, “The spark was real,” and “it fell to Annabelle to make the first move.” Then, following a dinner date, it’s said “Tom was wooing her ‘with flowers and notes in her trailer nearly every day.’ Filming wrapped in August, but the source adds they’re still going strong.”

“Tom is trying to play it cool,” contends the outlet, which alleges Cruise is “being less pushy with his religion, Scientology,” and says there’s “whispers he’ll leave the church if Annabelle asks.” Conveniently for the magazine, though, it’s said the actor “wants to keep the relationship under wraps, at least until The Mummy opens next June.”

What a perfect excuse for why there’s been absolutely no public indication that Cruise and Wallis are indeed a couple. There’s also another red flag. OK! writes, “Suri approves… Annabelle’s a hit with Tom’s 10-year-old daughter, who loves to Snapchat with the blonde beauty.”

That is obviously untrue considering Gossip Cop has confirmed more than once that Cruise and Suri haven’t been in touch for three years. But now all of a sudden Suri is communicating with Cruise’s alleged girlfriend and has given her blessing? Please.

A source close to Wallis exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “The cover of OK! is totally inaccurate.” She and Cruise are NOT dating, just like the weren’t back in June when the tabloid said Cruise was leaving Scientology to be with Wallis. The magazine was wrong then and is even more wrong now.

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