Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman NOT Meeting To Discuss Children Issues, Despite Report

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Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Meeting

By Daniel Gates |

Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Meeting

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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are not “at war” over their children, nor are the exes planning a secret emergency meeting to discuss the kids’ behavior, despite a National Enquirer report claiming there’s new drama. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

According to the outlet, Cruise and Kidman are “clashing” over son Connor’s “wild partying” and daughter Bella’s reclusiveness. The Enquirer says the former spouses “plan to meet, even though they’ve barely spoken since their 2001 divorce.”

The magazine identifies Cruise’s concerns about Connor’s crazy nightlife as a DJ and Kidman’s worries about Bella’s distance (she moved to England two years ago) as the issues behind this alleged meeting.

“Tom knows that being a DJ means working late, but he’s not happy with Connor posting photos of himself coming home at daybreak,” claims a so-called source for the Enquirer, even though Connor is an adult. Another tabloid insider claims Kidman and Cruise want to force Bella to move back to America because she’s supposedly cut all ties to the family, explaining, “It’s the only thing they agree on.”

We’re not going to rehash just how laughable the Enquirer’s track record has been for both Cruise and Kidman in recent years. Needless to say, the outlet loves drama, even when none exists. Gossip Cop looked into whether the exes plan to meet to talk about Connor and Bella. Not surprisingly, the story is made up. It’s “totally false,” a rep for Kidman tells Gossip Cop exclusively.


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