Tom Cruise Marrying Mystery Actress Before Seeking Custody Of Suri?

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Tom Cruise Married Suri Custody

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Cruise Married Suri Custody

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Tom Cruise is not on the verge of marrying a mystery “actress,” nor is he going to seek custody of his daughter Suri, despite yet another fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this tall tale. We’re told it’s “all untrue.”

According to In Touch, Cruise is “smitten” with a “beautiful actress,” who he wants to make “Mrs. Tom Cruise No. 4.” The tabloid claims that not only does he want the woman to be his “new wife,” but he’s also “helping her learn more about his beloved Scientology.” Yes, despite seemingly knowing that Cruise is ready to get married and has gotten her involved with Scientology, incredibly the magazine doesn’t have one concrete piece of information about this woman.

The reason the tabloid doesn’t have the supposed actress’s name or anything biographical about her is because the magazine has either outright fabricated this story or it is relying on one of its ill-informed sources. Admittedly, Gossip Cop is skeptical of the actual existence of the outlet’s source. The so-called “friend” of Cruise, who inexplicably has no details about the mystery “actress,” is quoted saying in unnaturally expository language that once the actor is “married again and settled, he’d love to have Suri, who turns 10 this April, back.”

The magazine’s seemingly fictitious “source” further blathers, “Tom’s endgame is to go for more custody of Suri and have a real family life once more.” The same questionable “friend” alleges Cruise is sure Suri will “want to spend more time with him because he was such a positive and powerful influence over her early years.” “There’s no stopping him,” adds the specious source.

Not only is there no mystery “actress” in Cruise’s life right now, as Gossip Cop noted above, but also Cruise is not seeking custody of Suri. This tale about Cruise wanting more time with Suri has been a recurring, yet false narrative in In Touch for some time now. In January, Gossip Cop debunked an absurd cover story from the magazine that alleged Cruise had “ruined” Katie Holmes’ wedding plans with Jamie Foxx because there was the specter of the Mission: Impossible star taking his ex-wife to court to “get more custody and try to sway Suri over to Scientology.” In addition to the inaccuracies about Foxx and Holmes having planned a “secret wedding,” Gossip Cop was told Cruise had not made any overtures for custody.

Nothing has changed. The tabloid keeps spewing out factually wrong stories, and Cruise has not sought custody of Suri. A source close to the situation confirms to Gossip Cop that the magazine’s latest report is also “all untrue.”


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