Tom Cruise NOT Getting Married To Assistant Emily Thomas, Despite Report

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Tom Cruise Married

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Cruise Married


Tom Cruise is not getting married to his assistant Emily Thomas, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told it’s 100 percent “not true.”

According to Star, Cruise is so in love with the 22-year-old brunette, who “bears an uncanny resemblance” to Katie Holmes, that he will “soon make her his fourth wife.” The tabloid says the two have “taken great pains to keep their relationship under wraps,” but the magazine’s so-called “sources” on the set of his film Mena couldn’t help but notice they’re “knowing glances” and talking “cozily” between scenes.

The tabloid then makes its giant leap from its alleged sources possibly seeing “knowing glances” to Cruise having “popped the question” in Morocco while scouting locations for his next Mission: Impossible movie. A supposed insider tells the magazine that “Morocco holds a special place in both their hearts.”

Naturally, Star has no details of the alleged proposal or really anything that concretely justifies its cover, which reads, “Tom Cruise Getting Married.” Instead, the rest of the article is filled with seemingly made-up quotations about how Cruise will marry “Emily within a matter of months” and what it means for his kids. The tabloid’s fake “insider” is quoted meaninglessly saying, “Tom should love for [Suri] to be the flower girl.” Then, after noting Cruise’s other kids, Isabella and Connor are 22 and 20, respectively, the magazine’s manufactured “source” says in clearly fabricated language, “Of course, Isabella and Connor would find it strange for their dad to marry someone close to their ages. But ultimately, they love him and want him to be happy.”

Of course, Star is the same birdcage-liner of a magazine that Gossip Cop has busted repeatedly for its provably wrong stories about Cruise, including its bogus cover story a few months ago about how the actor and John Travolta have had a “30 year gay secret.” Time and again, the tabloid makes up stories about Cruise and Gossip Cop exclusively corrects the magazine. And this is no different. We’re told by an impeccable source that Cruise is not marrying Thomas and that the entire story is “not true.”


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