Truth About Tom Cruise’s Love Life

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tom cruise love life rumors

By Hugh Scott |

tom cruise love life rumors

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Tom Cruise’s love life is a very popular subject for the tabloids. There are frequently wrong rumors about who the movie star is supposedly dating. Here are a few times Gossip Cop has corrected such stories in 2019 alone.

In May, OK! published a cover story claiming Cruise was dating fellow Scientologist Elisabeth Moss. The tabloid seized on a comment Moss made in an interview with Marie Claire that she was dating someone who “shall remain nameless.” The tabloid arbitrarily named Cruise as the actress’s mystery boyfriend. The whole story was bogus, as a spokesperson for Moss assured Gossip Cop at the time. That didn’t stop the tabloid from following up a week later with a story alleging Katie Holmes went public with her romance with Jamie Foxx because Moss and Cruise were dating. We debunked that ridiculous article as well.

The Globe published a very weird report in June about Cruise falling for his skydiving instructor, Sian Stokes, on the set of Mission Impossible: Fallout. The magazine quoted what it called a “snitch” as saying, “To say he’s head over heels would be an understatement. He’s still drooling over her.” The story was a complete fabrication based on an interview with Stokes that came out a couple of weeks before the tabloid’s phony report. The magazine just took the opportunity to make up a story about Cruise supposedly falling in love with her. He wasn’t and Gossip Cop busted the outlet’s claims.

NW jumped into the Cruise rumor mill in July by wrongly asserting that Cruise wanted to date Dakota Johnson. The publication claimed the Top Gun star had been “crushing” on the actress ever since watching 50 Shades Of Grey, and because Johnson was newly single, he was going to make his move. The problem? Despite rumors that she had split from her boyfriend of two years, Coldplay leader singer Chris Martin, the couple is still together. Gossip Cop called the outlet out for its false reporting and, once again, time has shown us to be correct.

Finally, in August, the Globe tried to top itself on the weirdness scale by claiming Cruise and Cher had “rekindled” their romance from decades before. Apparently the actor had moved on from his skydiving instructor and was dating Cher, before she ended it with him because of his “whacky ways.” The ridiculous premise was immediately debunked by Gossip Cop after we pointed out that despite a brief romance in the ’80s, there was absolutely no evidence that two were seeing each other again.


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