Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology?

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Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology

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Exactly one year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid for wrongly reporting that Tom Cruise was leaving Scientology to reunite with his estranged daughter Suri Cruise. We debunked the story as soon as it emerged. Time has proven it false.

On January 31, 2018, Star published a cover story claiming the movie star was quitting his religion so he could reconnect with his then 11-year-old daughter, who he hasn’t seen in several years. An alleged insider told the outlet that leaving Scientology “would be the toughest decision he’ll ever have to make,” but it was his only option if he wanted to have a relationship with his young girl.

The supposed source went on to say Cruise feared the Church would come after him if he left, “since they’ve probably got all sorts of dirt on him from his audit sessions.” The questionable tipster added, however, that the actor was trying to cut a deal “where he would be left in peace as long as he doesn’t speak out against Scientology.”

When the magazine’s article was published last January, a source close to the situation assured us Cruise wasn’t quitting Scientology. Now that it’s one year later, it’s clear he never did. Last July, in fact, Cruise bought a house in Clearwater, Florida, just one block from the Church of Scientology’s international headquarters.

According to People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Star, the movie star sold his Beverly Hills mansion and moved into a two-story condo in Clearwater, nearby his 23-year-old son Connor and other members of his family who practice Scientology. Florida has since become Cruise’s new home base when he’s not working. As for Suri, the young girl continues to live in New York City with her mom, Katie Holmes, who has primary custody of her.

Despite the tabloid’s story never panning out, that didn’t stop Star from pretending to have insight into the actor’s relationship with his daughter. Last June, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for wrongly reporting Cruise was working out a deal with Holmes to reunite with Suri. A rep for the actress told us the story was untrue, and no such deal was ever put in place.

The magazine has also continued making up Scientology-related stories. Last September, Gossip Cop called out the publication for falsely claiming Nicole Kidman was fighting Cruise to save their son Connor from the religion. No showdown ever occurred. We look back at claims from a year ago to show how tabloid stories rarely age well. Last year’s report about Cruise leaving Scientology is another example.


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