How Did Tom Cruise React To Katie Holmes And Nicole Kidman Both Being Pregnant?

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Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Katie Holmes Pregnant

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Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Katie Holmes Pregnant


How did Tom Cruise react to a report about his ex-wives Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman both being pregnant? One of this week’s celebrity magazines asserts he was initially “surprised,” but ultimately happy for both of them. While the outlet claims its information comes from an “insider,” Gossip Cop can confirm the article’s entire premise is nothing more than a work of fiction.

The cover of this week’s Star exclaims, “Tom’s Exes Both Pregnant!” It even teases on the magazine’s front page that it has learned his “surprising reaction.” There’s one problem with the tabloid’s tale, and that is neither Kidman nor Holmes are expecting a baby. As the “Dawson Creek” star’s rep previously assured Gossip Cop, the story about Holmes being pregnant with Jamie Foxx’s baby and them planning to get married is a complete fabrication.

Additionally, Gossip Cop also already debunked the magazine’s piece about Kidman being a “few weeks pregnant” with Urban’s baby. That story alleged it only took “one round of IVF.” The Oscar-winner’s rep similarly told us that report was “not true.”

Having established once again that neither woman is expecting, it makes the tabloid’s narrative about Cruise reacting to their pregnancies totally absurd. Still, let’s examine what the magazine insists came from a Cruise “insider.” According to the repeatedly disproven publication, “At first he was shocked that they both happen to be expecting at the same time.” “Once that wore off, he said, ‘That’s great,'” contends its seemingly phony source.

The outlet goes on to claim Cruise is “glad” everything is going well for Kidman, and he feels Holmes also “deserves happiness.” Again, it’s nearly impossible to believe anyone close to Cruise would offer those (inaccurate) quotes to the tabloid since both of his ex-wives are not actually pregnant. Gossip Cop has also reached out to his rep for an official comment.

It bears mentioning that Star has frequently been wrong about Cruise. And based on the current article it begs the question whether its sources for the actor are real or not. Last year, for instance, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for untruthfully reporting Cruise and Holmes were trying to find a way for him to see his daughter Suri again.

That never happened, nor did Cruise have a reunion with Suri in Orlando, as the outlet falsely maintained in January. In that story, yet another supposed Cruise “insider” swore up and down he met with his daughter at his “new pad in Orlando.” Among the many flaws in that article was that the actor doesn’t have a home in Orlando, but rather 100 miles away in Clearwater, Florida. At this point, it should be abundantly clear the magazine’s Cruise sources are untrustworthy at best or fictitious at worst.


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