Tom Cruise and John Travolta “30 Year Gay Secret” Made Up By Magazine

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Tom Cruise John Travolta Gay Secret

By Daniel Gates |

Tom Cruise John Travolta Gay Secret


Tom Cruise and John Travolta have not had a 30-year secret gay relationship, despite what Star is clearly trying to imply with its new cover story. Gossip Cop can bust the report, which tries to make it seem like the actors have been hiding a romance. The whole thing is a bait-and-switch.

According to the tabloid’s source, “John literally became obsessed with Tom after seeing him in Risky Business.” Star says Travolta frequently tried to arrange introductions to rising actors around that time, and Cruise caught his eye.

Here’s a completely unnatural sounding “quote” from an alleged source for the magazine: “John long had the habit of wanting to be introduced to hot new male stars whose work he admired — he told me he was interested in meeting [the late] Brad Davis and Christopher Reeve after he saw their respective 1978 movies Midnight Express and Superman. And after seeing Tom strut his stuff in Risky Business, John had his people contact Tom’s reps to explain how John was eager to meet him. Tom was flattered, apparently, and they eventually agreed to meet for dinner at an upscale French restaurant in Beverly Hills.” All of that is inside quotation marks. Hilarious.

Anyway, Star then claims, “Arrangements were later made for the duo to have an eyebrow-raising getaway together in Oregon that appears to have been a life-changing event for Tom, if not the two of them.” The tabloid says Cruise met up with Travolta for the excursion in 1985, and they enjoyed a joint “grunt- and sweat-fest” while working out at a Scientology center in Oregon as Cruise prepared for Top Gun.

The language throughout the piece is exactly like this. It refers to the men as “hunks.” It includes sidebars about the “gay rumors” that have swirled around both men for decades. It mentions how Travolta “whisked [Cruise] away” for their week in Oregon. The cover includes an inset picture of Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston looking upset, with the caption, “What does Kelly know?” It screams, “Tom & John 30 Year Gay Secret.”

And yet the story itself winds up being about how Travolta’s bonding with Cruise three decades ago helped facilitate the younger star’s eventual adoption of Scientology. There is NO “30 year gay secret.” Even the Star source says, of their time together in Oregon, “I’m sure if John had any designs at the time on involving Cruise in anything more than a regular friendship, it would have come as a complete surprise to Tom.”

So what was the point of the article? To sell magazines with a cover that’s really a bait-and-switch rumor about a gay romance between Tom Cruise and John Travolta. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Star cover report is “ridiculous.”


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