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Is Tom Cruise trying to seduce Jennifer Aniston into dating him and joining Scientology? That's the absurd claim in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop has learned it's entirely fabricated.

Earlier this month, Gossip Cop busted the Globe for falsely claiming Aniston was interested in joining Scientology. The report was based on the word of an anonymous source, but the actress's own spokesperson dismissed it as "absurd." A rep for the Friends star confirmed she has no intention of joining the controversial religion.

Despite the premise being untrue, NW has decided to concoct its own follow-up story involving Scientology's most famous member. The outlet claims Cruise was "over the moon" when he heard the news that Aniston wanted to join the religion, mostly because he's wanted to date her "for decades." A supposed source tells the magazine, "Tom's plotting a meeting with her ASAP under the guise of showing her a script. He knows Jen would guarantee the future of the church, and, of course, it would provide him the chance to finally get to know her better. He'd absolutely try to seduce her. What single man wouldn't?"

From there, the alleged insider says Aniston is "totally receptive to meeting with Tom to discuss Scientology," and is seriously considering a fling with him too. "Jen's ready to date again and it would be ideal to dip her toe back into that world by hooking up with someone as famous as her since they understand the need for privacy," adds the suspicious tipster. "She never thought Tom was her type, but she's aware that she needs to step outside of her comfort zone." The seemingly phony source concludes, "She doesn't see him as marriage material, but she knows they'd have fun together."

The tabloid's report is based on a false premise that Gossip Cop already debunked. Aniston hasn't been exploring Scientology in any way. Therefore, the word didn't get back to Cruise that she's interested in the religion. The idea that the Mission: Impossible star been in love with her for decades is also baseless. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop there's zero truth to the magazine's article.

The report doesn't make much sense either. The "insider" starts off by saying Cruise is only "plotting a meeting" with Aniston, but then claims the actress is "receptive to meeting" him. If he hasn't reached out yet, how could she be "receptive"? Meanwhile, how does this "source" know so much about both Cruise and Aniston's personal thoughts? There's no indication the two stars have even crossed paths, let alone share a mutual friend who knows them both intimately.

Additionally, NW very recently made up a story about Cruise pursuing an A-list actress both romantically and religiously. Back in October, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for alleging that Cruise was begging Demi Moore to be his "Scientology bride." That scenario never played out and this latest article makes no mention of it.

Back in July, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for wrongly reporting that Cruise wanted to date Dakota Johnson and recruit her for Scientology in the process. Sensing a theme here? This bogus narrative is no more accurate when applied to Aniston. Unfortunately, we suspect the magazine will have Cruise chasing a different famous woman sometime soon.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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