Tom Cruise ‘Shocked’ Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes Are Still Together?

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Tom Cruise Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes

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Tom Cruise Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes

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Is Tom Cruise “shocked” that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are still together? The short answer is he doesn’t care. The Mission: Impossible star moved on from his marriage to Holmes a long time ago, and whether she from time-to-time sees his Collateral co-star Foxx is of little concern. However, an often discredited blog has once again manufactured an article that alleges Cruise is now bent out of shape about Foxx being with his ex-wife.

According to HollywoodLife, Cruise, who’s been divorced from Holmes for nearly seven years, suddenly feels “betrayed” by her having a casual romance with Foxx. And to make its report sound legitimate, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies trots out a so-called “source” who claims Cruise  is “shocked” Foxx and Holmes are “happy” with one another. The outlet then tips off  it doesn’t really have an insider because that unnamed individual is quoted as further saying Cruise is surprised Holmes and Foxx “seem to still be together.” A real “source” would know one way or the other if they’re still a couple and not hedge with a word like “seem.”

Towards the end of its fabricated report, HollywoodLies maintains that Cruise was going to call his daughter Suri on her 13th birthday, which was last Thursday. It also claims he’s looking “forward to repairing” his relationship with her. But the truth is Cruise has no contact whatsoever with Suri because she and Holmes are no longer members of the Church of Scientology.

Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised by the falsity of HollywoodLies’ article because that site has been repeatedly caught publishing made-up stories about Foxx, Holmes and Cruise. For instance, three years ago we busted the same outlet when it untruthfully contended Foxx and Holmes were engaged. Obviously, that was wrong.

It also bears mentioning, the blog’s premise is not original either. It posted a story two years ago that similarly asserted inaccurately how Cruise felt “betrayed” by Foxx and Holmes, and that he was supposedly “shocked” his friend was now dating his ex. At the time, a Cruise insider confirmed to Gossip Cop the report was “not true.” Nothing has changed since then.

Further proof the outlet truly doesn’t have insight into those stars is that a year ago, HollywoodLies insisted Holmes and Foxx were having a baby and starting a family. Clearly, that was a lie, too. Interestingly, in another made-up article it posted about Foxx being like a “father figure” to Holmes’ daughter, that same site noted Cruise has nothing to do with Suri because of Scientology, and yet in its new tall tale, the blog says he was calling her on her birthday and wanted to rebuild his relationship with her.

The bottom line is HollywoodLife makes up stories about Foxx, Holmes, and Cruise, and it can’t keep track of its fibs. Foxx and Holmes were never engaged. They never had a baby. The Oscar-winner is not a “father figure” to Suri, who he’s rarely seen. And Cruise, who has his own life, is not “shocked” seven years after he and Holmes divorced that his ex-wife and Foxx are still together because their relationship does not affect him.


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