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Tom Cruise's love life has held the tabloid's attention for nearly forty years now. The Interview With The Vampire star has been connected with numerous big Hollywood names, so tabloids love connecting him with anyone they can think of. Who did they think of now? His Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell. Gossip Cop investigates this rumor of smiles and crushes.

Cruise Falls In Love Again

According to Woman's Day, Cruise has a "huge crush" on his co-star Atwell and "has enjoyed shooting scenes" where "she's been required to hold him." An insider told the tabloid "Tom totally has a smile for her," which is proven by the photos provided of Cruise smiling at her on set. The insider adds that Atwell is "stunning" and "makes Tom feel years younger.'

The tabloid doesn't go so far as to say this is anything more than a crush, and that "Tom's obviously in no rush to settle down" for the fourth time. He just "makes sure he always has some eye candy opposite him when he's working." The door is open though, as the article clsoes by saying "one day one" of his co-stars "might be The One."

Sexist Article Reduces Atwell To Object

Atwell is literally described as little more than "eye candy" by this article. There is no word in this story on if Atwell likes Cruise whatsoever. The bit about Cruise enjoying when "she's been required to hold him" is especially gross because Atwell doesn't have a choice in the matter.

Tom Cruise Smiles At Everything

The only actual evidence this tabloid can cook up is that Cruise "has a smile for her." This is Tom Cruise we're talking about. The two things he's known for are running in movies and smiling a lot. Of course, he's smiling at his co-star on set. This story has nothing to go off of other than some photos of Cruise smiling while making a Mission: Impossible, which is less proof of a crush and more proof that he woke up that morning.

Atwell (Probably) Isn't Single

The Captain America: The First Avenger star is very private about her personal life. She said in a 2017 interview that she was planning to spend the rest of her life with a childhood friend who is now a medical doctor, but she didn't say his name. It's been a few years so perhaps there was a break-up, but then she'd likely be spotted on dates in tabloids. Atwell at a minimum likes to keep her private life separate from her personal life, which makes this story of romance all the less likely.

Tabloid Has Cruise With Everyone Under The Sun

Gossip Cop has previously debunked Woman's Day numerous times over reports on Cruise's love life. It claimed he had a crush on Michelle Dockery. it later claimed he was in a love triangle with Jerry Maguire co-star Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth. He was secretly dating his Mummy co-star Sofia Boutella at one point, as well. By looking at the tabloids track record, you can see it just loves putting Cruise and co-stars together, regardless of truth or logic.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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